Meet the Family Felines

These loveable but crazy members of our family are all rescue cats who turned up on our doorstep mostly as sick kittens, but now are our beloved "kids" who rule the household.

Tabitha photoThis is Tabita, our eldest and queen of the house, with her Harlequin Calico coat, her painted Calico tail, and almond-shaped golden eyes to match her golden brown spots. She is a sweetheart who is a bit on the shy side, but can stand up to the boys any day.

Gabriel photoThis is Salvador, our youngest, who we think is at least partly Norwegian Forest cat. As you can tell, he loves to eat since he almost starved to death in our terrible winter two years ago. Luckily for him - and for us - we rescued him and got him to emergency just in the nick of time. He pays us back with constant affection and his joy of life. By the way, he is named after the painter, Salvador Dali due to the prominent black mustache he sports.

Sebatian photoThis is our oldest fellow, Sebastian who clearly has Maine Coon heritage with his facial markings, showshoe feet, long and silky fur and plume tail. However, he is a smaller version, being normal cat size, a fact he makes up for with energy unlimited as he dashes everywhere he goes and pounces on anything, and often anyone, who moves.