When I first began to read Regency-set novels, I often found the need to pause and hunt for the meaning of phrases, words, behaviors, places and events that I didn't know about. It not only frustrated me, it broke the pace of my reading .At the least, I had to stop and write a note to myself to look something up or else break from my reading to hunt for the answer to my problem. Over the years, as I turned from reading to also writing Regency books, I built up a personal lexicon of Regency terms to help me remember facts and find just the right word for a Regency story.

It dawned on me recently that perhaps others, including you, might find such a lexicon as useful as I have. Thus I've put the latest version of my lexicon, with its more than 600 entries, online for anyone who might find it useful, or just fun, to own.

It is now up on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback book versions. If you think it might make your reading more enjoyable or your writing easier, just click on the link below and it will take you directly to A Regency Lexicon for Readers and Writers.

If you do decide to purchase one, do read the Introduction. I mean it when I ask for suggestions for words I should add or about any questions about definitions you might have.

Here's the link